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Drop Ceiling Terms

Although they are most commonly known as dropped ceilings there are many terms used to describe them that all refer to the same type of installation. If there is a secondary ceiling installed below the original, it's referred to as a dropped ceiling or any of the following terms.

Acoustic Ceilings

The term acoustic ceilings is widely used to describe the most popular type of drop ceiling tiles, acoustic ceiling tiles. Our acoustical ceiling services are second to none. Call us today!

Suspended Ceilings

The second most commonly used term to describe dropped ceilings is suspended ceilings. As in the ceiling is suspended from the original. Suspended ceilings are our specialty!

Grid Ceilings

Another common term for dropped ceilings is grid ceilings. The name is derived from the metal grid structure that frames the ceiling tiles. If you need a grid ceiling installed professionally, give us a call.

T-Bar Ceilings

Much like the term grid ceilings, t-bar ceiling refers to the cross or t shaped structure that holds the ceiling tiles in place. We can install t-bar ceilings better than anyone. Schedule your appointment with us today.

Drop In or Out Ceilings

Also similar to the term dropped or drop down ceilings is the name drop in ceilings or drop out ceilings. Whether you call it a drop in ceiling or drop out ceiling we can professionally install them for you.

False Ceilings

The term false ceilings is less commonly used and not so obvious in it's meaning of a secondary ceiling but still a known term for dropped ceilings. Call us to schedule a false ceiling installation.

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