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Ceiling Repairs in Houston

Ceiling Repair Company in Houston

Searching for a Ceiling Repair Company in Houston?

Any business that has a grid ceiling system will require our ceiling services at some point in time. Whether it be damage from something as small as a minor a/c leak or as major as a serious storm, Ceil Tex Inc can help. Our ceiling repair services are second to none and are performed by our highly qualified team of installers. Learn more below about suspended and drop ceiling repair or call today to speak with one of our friendly staff.

Choosing to Replace or Repair Grid Ceilings

Often when ceiling grid systems such as dropped or suspended ceilings are in need of attention many business owners jump to replace them when many times repairing would be cheaper. Whether your grid and tiles are getting damaged from moisture or just old age we can probably help you repair the affected areas rather than replace the whole system. Ceil Tex Inc has a team of qualified, experienced professionals that provide the best ceiling repair in Houston.

How Do You Repair Suspended or Dropped Ceilings?

Suspended or drop ceiling systems are simply a hanging grid of thin metal framing with ceiling tiles in between. Often air conditioning units drip condensation onto the grid system causing stains in the tiles and rust on the metal framing. We have several ways to help prevent this from happening but if it's too late and you already have an issue just give us a call to assess the damages. We'll give you our suggestion for moving forward as well as an estimate for your ceiling repair in Houston. Many times we can dismantle sections of the grid to repair and paint them like new again and simply replace a few tiles. There are also opportunities to clean the ceiling tiles rather than taking on the expense of replacing them. Take a look at our ceiling tile cleaning service page for more information on how that may save your business money.

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