Nano-Shield Antimicrobial Sanitizer

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Sanitize Your Business With Nano-Shield For Up To 90 Days!

Protect Your Customers and Employees With The Nano-Shield System

Get the protection your customers and employees deserve with the Nano-Shield Antimicrobial Sanitization System. We provide a full surface sanitization and a protective barrier that Lasts Up To 90 Days on most materials. The Nano-Shield Sanitization System is a combination of two EPA tested and approved disinfectants that together create the best full surface sanitization system in the world. The first is a hospital grade disinfectant that has been successfully tested to kill a wide range of fungi, bateria and viruses that include the Human Coronavirus. The second part of the Nano-Shield Antimicrobial System is a biostatic agent that is capable of making a barrier to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, fungus, mildew and mold. Surfaces infected with any of these things can cause sickness, stains, foul odors as well as damage and deteriorate the surface itself.

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"We want to do everything we can to help ensure the safety of both our customers and staff. Now we can thanks to Nano-Shield sanitizing."

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