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Kitchen Ceiling Tile Cleaning

Kitchen Ceiling Tile Cleaning is the most popular type of cleaning service we offer. We use a nontoxic, biodegradable and odorless solution. It is the safest product to use and even if the ceiling tiles seem like they are beyond the point of cleaning, we can typically still get your kitchen ceiling looking new again. There are several benefits of having our professional cleaners do the work for you. First and foremost our cleaning solution is a patented product that you cannot buy in any store. Secondly, we keep the liability of having your employees on ladders in awkward positions off your hands in case they fall and hurt themselves. Finally, our experienced crews know how to properly clean every part of the ceiling structure including the ceiling tile, ceiling grid, light covers, speaker covers, emergency lights, alarm systems and exterior hood vents. So that we do not disturb your business we provide all cleaning services after hours and have been trusted by countless corporations to do so. We are a fully insured and bonded company that takes pride in our results. Over the years we have completed hundreds of projects and have many repeat customers due to our quality service.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you DO NOT attempt to clean your own ceilings with chemical products or bleach as this will damage your tiles. We also highly recommend you DO NOT paint your ceiling because once you have done that there is no turning back and no way to clean them in the future. The only thing you can do is replace the tiles down the road. Painting the tiles also makes them stick to the grid and alters their fire rating and acoustical abilities.

Our employees can also help you with replacing broken or water damaged tiles, grid systems, light lens covers, AC vents and more. If you do happen to require an entire new ceiling tile grid system we have dedicated installer to help you with that as well. Our crews have replaced and installed literally hundreds of kitchen ceilings and look forward to assisting you in your next project.

We offer kitchen ceiling cleaning in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Beaumont or any surrounding area of Texas. Please call for a no obligation consultation on your kitchen ceiling tile cleaning project.

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