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Drop Ceiling Company in Sugar Land

Acoustic Drop Ceiling Company in Sugar Land

Acoustic Drop Ceiling Company in Sugar Land

Professional Drop Ceiling Installation, Cleaning and Repair Services in Sugar Land, TX

Some people hear Sugar Land and think of the old sugar factory or maybe the Skeeters baseball team but when Ceil Tex Inc hears Sugar Land, we think of all of the professional and commercial buildings that need a reputable company for their drop ceiling needs. Whether you’re installing a new drop ceiling grid system, need ceiling cleaning or ceiling repairs we have become Sugar Land’s number one company for their commercial ceiling needs.

Why Sugar Land Chooses Ceil Tex Inc?

Ceil Tex Inc’s team of experts value every ceiling project they are presented. Our customers know that we respect the workplace environment and can work around their schedule. We work discretely during business hours and are fully insured and bonded if our services are better conducted after hours.

We understand that stretching your dollar is important to the bottom line and will always give you an honest solution to any ceiling service need you have. We also believe in giving the customer value for what you paid for and are proud to have many repeat customers that have referred other businesses to Cen Tex inc.

Ceil Tex Inc’s Drop Ceiling Services in Sugar Land, TX

Our professional commercial ceiling services in Sugar Land provide the customer value for their money. Whether you’re using an acoustic tile in your new office or waterproof tile for a new restaurant, our ceiling installations help transform the space.

Ceiling cleaning is a great way to maintain a clean professional look and prolong the life of your tiles. Businesses such as restaurants can benefit from a preventative maintenance scheduled cleaning due to the likelihood of the tiles becoming dirtier more often.

Many buildings like gymnasiums or warehouses have exposed ceilings that are usually very high and could be dangerous to clean. Ceil Tex Inc., has the right tools to complete overhead structure cleaning safely and thoroughly.

When you have an area of ceiling tiles or maybe a whole ceiling system that you think needs to be replaced, our team of experts at Ceil Tex Inc will analyze the space and let you know if drop ceiling repair would be the better option.

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