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Ceiling Company in Houston

Ceiling Tile Installation in Houston

Ceiling Tile Installation in Houston

Choosing the Right Ceiling Company

Learning how to get the best ceiling tile installation in Houston is similar to choosing any contractor. There are going to be well known professional companies such as Ceil Tex Inc and there are also going to be those companies that will under bid any job just to get it. These less experienced ceiling companies will then do one of two things. They will either do a poor job that is worth their bid or they will come back saying you need additional work than what they originally estimated. Do not let your business get scammed by one of these fly by night companies. Get the job done right the first time and have it completed at an extremely competitive rate by highly experienced professionals.

Ceil Tex Inc has provided quality ceiling tile installation in Houston and the surrounding areas of Texas for almost 14 years now. We have many repeat customers which just goes to show how much they like our work. Our customers vary from big to small. You’ll find we've worked with some of the largest corporations like Costco, FedEx and PepsiCo as well as many other businesses such as local restaurants, office buildings, schools, churches, hotels, hospitals and pretty much every type of facility you can think of with a drop down ceiling. If you are looking for a consistently reliable and versatile company for your work, you have found it.

What is a Dropped or Suspended Ceiling?

Ceil Tex Inc is experienced in the various types of ceiling tile installations and has successfully completed hundreds of ceiling jobs over the years. The most popular type of ceiling we install is called many different names but is most widely known as either a dropped or suspended ceiling. Other commonly used terms to describe them are acoustic ceiling, grid ceilings, t-bar ceilings and false ceilings. You will occasionally find them called drop-in ceilings or drop-out ceilings as well. Whatever term you use they all refer to a ceiling that is installed by hanging it from an existing ceiling or roof deck, therefor creating a second ceiling below the original one.

Why Use a Suspended or Drop Ceiling?

There are several reasons you may want or need a dropped or suspended ceiling tile installation in Houston. Many locations such as office buildings, restaurant dining rooms, Churches and schools utilize them for aesthetic and decorative reasons like preventing electrical wiring and plumbing from being exposed. Today there are a lot of different styles of ceiling tile to choose from. You don't just have the plain white tiles anymore. Businesses can customize the look and feel of their establishment by choosing from various colors, textures and materials.

Houston Ceiling Tile Installation

Another common use for a suspended or dropped ceiling is for acoustics, or sound transfer control. Have you ever been in a restaurant with an open ceiling and tile or cement floors? It can be overwhelmingly loud and possibly drive away business. If your business is noisy and feel you could benefit from our ceiling tile installation in Houston, call and schedule an appointment today.

Finally it's important to mention that there are also fire safety benefits from the type of materials in the manufacturing of ceiling tiles used today. Keep in mind suspended or drop ceilings can be installed under fire sprinklers to hide them and create a more appealing look but certain regulations must be met to in order to do so. Call Ceil Tex Inc today so we can guide you through everything you need to know about the ceiling tile installation process.

Why Choose Ceil Tex Inc?

Ceil Tex Inc is second to none when it comes to ceiling tile installation in Houston. We've been in operation for over 13 years now, and have completed every job with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship. Contact one of our representatives today to discuss the details of your locations needs and get an expert opinion on the right direction to take.

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